"working on my faults and cracks..."


Any farther, and we'd be closer to home...

"...What I feel is a sense of betrayal by my species and by my culture--that they lost their way and misled me, too, to a degree..."

It's like being trapped behind the laminate in a black and white photograph that smells like budget gin and dried fish. How, or why we ended up here, we may never know. Disappointed Idealism isn't about pissing or moaning; it's an exploration of sorts--finding our own way, making light of the misunderstanding. And someday, when the time is exactly right, we'll show ourselves the door. 

But in the meantime, these stories have been some of my favorites along this strange journey. Keep in mind that though one man's classic is probably another man's turd in a bag, they still might help bring you up to speed:
[chronological from bottom]

* three years of lyrics on a paper plate
* reality in 1/60th of a second
* DI news, but more briefer
* photography, unorthodox
not down with the sickness
* running is overrated anyway
* sometimes I "teach," just not these kids
* future Engrish hall of fame
* I am The King
* at least the prime minister laughed
* take my radio to bathe with you
* asking all the wrong questions
spellcheck much?
* off to a rough start

Anything else I may have left out, can be quietly inferred between tags and lines of text in these stories, whose daily rhythm and rhyme remain fixed on a perpetual, crowded, and usually irritating Japanese beat.

Thanks for stopping by.
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