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The King

Riding trains around all these people I'd never met, and most certainly never see again. Stories, written across their faces. Perhaps some had seen more than their fair share of hardship. Others, who'd loved and lost. People who maybe lived in regret, in yesteryear, or maybe just lived for the simple chore of existing.
People like you and I.

Music by Hard Fi.

"In this town, I used to be the king here
now I don't mean a thing here...
Where did it all go wrong?"

5 contributions to this piece:

Zach B. said...

I may be biased because I haven't seen the glory that is the full quality version, but I think this one's fine and dandy. It's still a great video.

Holy hell yeah.

Dagbert said...

Full quality is glorious.

Holy hell thanks.

Kathryn said...

Video = Incredible
Song = Significant

Dagbert said...


This song slays me.

Zach B. said...

The new video players quality is very improved when put to full screen.

Noticed a lot of shots I never noticed originally. Your pretty damn handy with that camera.

3:10 gets me everytime. The explosion of light is just so fricken perfect.

ps. It's a good song, but on iTunes it's like their 40th most popular song. Not even noticed :P

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