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On the rarest of occasions, fished from the slough of nonsensical idiocy that is my collective 'creativity,' is a shiny, limerick* nugget of the purest gold; so divine, so masterfully crafted, and so delightfully hilarious, that it would be a colossal waste not for me to share it with the adoring masses.
Without further adieu...

"Teh myspace grammer lol"

By Zach

There once was a 'tard with a Dell
Who never once learned how to spell

"Thier," "Ur," "Arnt," "Thanx"

His noggin quite thick
So his ass I did kick
Without reason except to "mach schnell!"

You're welcome.

* Technically, not quite an actual limerick

2 contributions to this piece:

Dean said...

Great post. I laughed my head off (at work no less). But then my eyes began to bleed again because of your color scheme.

Valerie said...

And on the third day the stone rolled away, and inside they found nothing but a papyrus with the words,

"haha roflmao u n00bs suxor"

And while the innocents' heads imploded from idiocy, the rest were pwned on grammatical judgement day.

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