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The best kind of rash

Remember how I hinted that our students weren't exactly the glimmering intellectual beacons of compulsory education?
Well to reiterate, we're currently in the preparatory phases of homestay pairings for our big 3rd grader (15-year-olds) Australia trip in June. The following are some painfully adorable excerpts from the "Tell us about yourself" obstacle course at the top of the participant application:

"...I have one dug. I like to readabook. Say hello to."

"I dream. Tennis prayer."

"I have a dog, her name is Koro. She is 13 years ago."

"Iam happy."

"...But lets we be friends. And I'm looking wored to meat you."

"My skin is atopic dermatitties."

Don't look at me, smartass. I'm supposed to be the music teacher.

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Valerie said...

Atopic Dermatitties sounds like some sort of B-movie super villian chick with cosmic milk-blasts or something.

Zach B. said...

Ooo! Ooo! Maybe you could collaborate some of those and put them on the bag! :O

ps. I lol'd

pps. you're really the music teacher? What you be teachin?

Dagbert said...

Cosmic milk blasts into giant bowls of cocoa puffs?
God yes.

Yes. Music "teacher." I be teachin' the skillz that killz, you nosy bastard.

Zach B. said...

Alright, alright. Just got the impression you were into something else. I refrence exibit P.


Shuzzam! Not nosey, just un-updated :P

Dagbert said...

Ok ok, the fine print above the dotted line said I was to be a music teacher, but when I got here, they dropped me in the English class like last week's bad habit.
And the rest is history.
Nice sleuthing ;)

Zach B. said...

I didn't have to look far, that entry had one of the same tags as this one.

gakkou envy

"Gakkou ga abunai: Aka'd as: A school on the verge of crisis"

Que es de gakkou?

ps. I have nothing against music teachers. You're still the man.

Dagbert said...

"Gakkou" just means school.

It's a penis joke. Or at least it used to be. Not too sure anymore.

Zach B. said...

With todays kids, everything is a penis joke. No worries, penis jokes can't die.

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