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Shooting an entire project guerrilla style is a bit daunting--going into the shoot with only a base knowledge of the surroundings and a scratch pad with 'concepts' or expectations of shots. Sorta like hucking a rolling camera off a fifty-story building, and just hoping it manages to capture all the elements of a total free fall--the surrounding buildings, the sun, the speed, and the ground rushing up to smash it to pieces. Granted, my HXR wasn't destined for such a fate, but you get the idea. I didn't check any of the footage after I shot it--I wanted everything on one take. Some of it was overexposed beyond recognition, and some of it was totally out of focus.
And because of that, I'm still kinda flabbergasted that I managed to leave the city with anything to show at all, but great goddamn. What footage didn't fall ill to exposure or focus, exceeded all my expectations for a DIY handlebar mount.

Tweaking some of the audio, and rendering the last few sequences to preview at speed. Very close to a final, seven-minute cut.
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