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Great to see the Okayama Headset crew still tearing it up. Sundays at Momosta.
Highlight of the video though is around the 0:46 mark, finding Yuji in rare form as he ends a nice little no-handed wheelie by pitching his brand new Volume into a brick tree planter. His later appointment with the pavement at 2:20 is equally spectacular.
Props to my boy TK for putting this one together. At first, I was surprised to see edits from him so soon, because I know he's got a bigger project in the works, but this isn't it. Still keeping a tight lid on that one I guess.

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Kimbrolynn said...
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Kimbrolynn said...

Looks like rain in Okayama.

Funny to see Yogi's bike summersaulting across undou kouen. And Tomori almost sideswiping an innocent mamachari.

Who is that in the camo?

Nice set, TK.

TK said...

Thank you for posting!

some footages are out of focus,but it's all good.

You can feel Atmosphere of the park.

Hi Kim! How's going?
It's Hama-chan in camo and death of his bike.
Yuji got some nice slams that day.
Tomori hit his family jewel...

Dagbert said...

TK! How's the new project coming? Great job on this one--can't wait to see your new stuff!

Kimbrolynn said...

Tk, your English is so good! How come I never knew?

So funny about Tomori's 'family jewel'. Zach said that he taught you that term ;)

I am doing well. Back in Ohio. So, I hear you are in love :) Congratulations!

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