"working on my faults and cracks..."



Yuta built my first wheelset, and later helped me install my 144bcd cranks and bottom bracket. Takuya the Slinger of Yakitori was always good for a hearty 'kampai' and laugh or two. Definitely wish I'd had more time to put together something a bit more robust for the Soft Cream shop crew, but this will have to do. For now, at least.

Genuinely wish these dudes the best.

[music by Gossip and Peter Adams. please don't sue me]

3 contributions to this piece:

kiNASH said...

so sickkkk!!
nice short,man!

diNexus said...

haha thanks man!


kiNASH said...

yesterday,I told him and see this short with him.
He said "ザックってムービー作るのうまいよね~。"
You got praise from yuta too!haha.

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