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WYWS Edition

* Contrary to certain assumptions regarding my infrequent updates as of late, I have not spent the last 9 days in front of the television, playing, then re-playing Metal Gear Solid 4 (with its staggering level of variety), although that would have been nice. It's that good. I live close enough to readily available energy drinks and melon pan. Could probably hold out for months if the game was long enough.
The Brazilian and American students have moved with the KAKE program to Hiroshima and Kyushu, so I am left in peace and quiet for a few days or so. Three weeks of moving in and out of my apartment without actually living in it, has left everything in a catastrophic state of disarray. Spent the morning picking up clothes, doing laundry, scrubbing dishes, and clearing space for Boston.

* Finally had a chance to put the new MacLappy through its paces with Final Cut--should hopefully have some experimental video short out at some point before I make tracks for summer vacation. Still have some nice leftover time-lapse footage from my vacation in Hawaii. Unfortunately leftovers will have to do, as I haven't had a chance to pick up my camera for over a month now.

* One of my second-graders was kind enough to point out that I was in flagrant violation of Okayama city law for riding my bike while holding an umbrella in the rain last night. This, after we were passed by a college student riding a unicycle while talking on her cell phone, eating a giant wad of cotton candy, and painting her nails.
It would seem that irony is not the only thing entirely lost on the Japanese.

* I now have an urgent appointment at the bike shop. Must go. Leaving you with a recent photograph and a few hurried incomplete sentences instead. Hiked fifty billion stairs to the top of Konpira san, to retrieve a few of our more adventurous yet wayward students.
Snapped photo to justify the headache.

They call it "mini Fuji." Rightfully so.

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mein lamen

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