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sneak out: addendum

I don't typically apologize for being absent, so I'm not about to make amends to that policy.
The infrequency of posting as of late is not entirely without valid reason though.
Duh, I've been busy.

How busy?

Well, seeing as it's been impatiently sitting on my desk, unopened for almost two weeks, and I've just only tonight finally had a chance to sit down and start playing the game I've been waiting the last three years for, I'd say my recent priorities have been forced to undergo a serious vasectomy. I've got Adelaide, Curuciba, Findlay, and everywhere and everyone in between to blame.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've got Regain energy drinks, Calorie Mates, pro-mo dog tags, an official t-shirt, and a jar of vasoline . I don't have to stay with the exchange kids until Friday, and I've got tomorrow morning off.

Turned up the stereo, turned down the lights, and turned off my phone.

Better late than never, right? 

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Michelle said...

Hate to interrupt the gamefest, but are you at least getting enough rest and consumables to keep you alive?

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