"working on my faults and cracks..."


The game is afoot

First graders Hikaru and Miho, who are not surprisingly,
much cuter outside of class.

Bit of a mystery...these kids.

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Kimbrolynn said...

You have the best stories. I love your stories.

You know, I started to write a blog yesterday on the depreciation of the dollar and how gold investments/ownership acts as a hedge against inflation.

Who the hell wants to read about that, let alone write about it when I can read about dirty hippies and pimp slapping ;)

Such lovely sunglasses those are :)

Dagbert said...

I'm just biding my time here for the ultimate story: dirty j-hippies getting pimp slapped.

Thank you ;)

Kimbrolynn said...

Are you sure that is indeed the "ultimate story"?

... I beg to differ.

Or, if so, I hope to at least witness it (not firsthand), come about that time.

Word-to-the-wise: Dirty j-hippies live in parks... and hover over you while you sleep on park benches.

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