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This year, I went as "Ambivalence"

News In Briefs:
WYWS Edition

* If you'll notice, there's now a survey on the left hand side of the page. It's actually of the utmost importance, so if you'd be so kind as to donate two finger clicks, I'd be much obliged. Through your faithful voting, bets will be won, dreams will be crushed, and large amounts of unmarked yen notes will be passed from gloved hand to gloved hand in silver Haliburton briefcases.
Cast your vote wisely.

* In other non-sushi related news, a gauntlet has been cast down across the internets. If you have a Facebook account, and aren't already part of the group, I invite you to join in on the celebration of manliness. Warm up those follicles--"whoo vhants ah mustache ride?"

* Oh. And happy Halloween. This afternoon, following their pumpkin carving disaster, I was dragged into the first grade classroom for an impromptu discussion on this silly holiday of yours.
So to spite the teacher who decided that entertaining her class was more important than my gchat session, I taught them how to scream "anarchy!" while wrapping her house in toilet paper. Don't forget to hit the rain gutters kids!

Rice harvest this week.
Seasons like reasons, five years in the making, I've seen them all, and I'm running out.

5 contributions to this piece:

Anonymous said...

sorry to screw with your poll so early but it is a poll. and there's no "other" option. i vote "huh" but really "cold fried potatoes going round & round"

Dagbert said...

Crap! I totally forgot about the flaccid, room temperature french fries.

Kimbrolynn said...

Hey look! It's a sushi pillow! - http://www.spiralandcircle.com/Japanesecollectibles.htm

Uh... yeah. I was thinking the same thing.

I found that while looking up the compressed egg... I don't too much care for that ish. But no matter, I picked silverware... such a waste.

Seth Shapiro said...

1) I'll leave the poll alone. My dad's big on sushi, I don't have much motivation to try it.

2)Best of luck with the manliness competition, you can do it.

3) What's that from "Seasons like reasons, five years in the making, I've seen them all, and I'm running out."

Dagbert said...

Actually, it's not from anything as far as I know. Came from having a goal to see every Japanese season (cherry blossums, fall colors, rice harvest, etc.).

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