"working on my faults and cracks..."


nothing gold can stay

teeth cut on 15 tooth dura ace
Riding as a messenger, it's pretty hard to go easy on your gear - the day in / day out routine definitely exponentiates the rapidity at which entropy attacks everything used to perform the job. Constant sliding of straps over shoulders tears through t-shirts, saddles wear out shorts, shorts wear out saddles, keys wear out the barrels which wear out the grooves in the keys, emergency whipskids tear through tires, and the occasional fall eats away the mess pack's coarse, waterproof skin. It's all completely inevitable, and a mostly unavoidable aspect of the job. But it used to bother me a great deal - so much more than it does now; that constant struggle to keep everything shiny and new slowly gave way to an appreciation for the grit of chain grease and u-lock scratches, and the balance in necessity of wear and tear - simple evidences of a life well used, and equally well loved.

Someday, we'll have only scars to remind us of where we've been.

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