"working on my faults and cracks..."


bigger point of pride

"Um... You know you're bleeding, right?"

Yeah yeah, I knew I was bleeding. The red mess was hardly subtle, to say in the least. Just my luck; hopped a curb and ended up hitting the pavement harder than I would have liked on the way to the shoot, resulting in a pair of grisly stains on my forearm and jersey. More inopportune timing than anything - thankfully, when my turn came to look at the camera and "not smile," the photog sensibly kept the carnage hidden from the camera lens. And from seeing the results below, I'd say no one's the wiser.

Hard to disguise the fact that both the concept, and the column in their respective entirety is silly as hell, but in waiting for my turn at the shoot, and surrounded by a 'scene' I'll never understand, my profusely bleeding elbow couldn't have been happier to not belong to some pretentious coffee shop guitarist, no-name DJ, or oversexed bartender.

Mission accomplished?
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