"working on my faults and cracks..."


finally checked "wheelie past the bellagio" off my bucket list

Spent the majority of the past week in Las Vegas for Interbike, wherein the better part of three days was filled ripping wheelies on the strip, dry-humping frames I'll never own, and racing the city with a crew of riders whose exploits until now, I'd only seen from the safety of my own computer screen. Blowing red lights and dodging drunk revelers and gawking motorists with the legendary MASH chase camera crew and fifty other riders down the strip at 30 mph was definitely a slightly more tactile experience than what I was previously used to. Strangely surreal to ride with the very inspiration that drove me into track bikes in the first place.

Amazing street race and sentimental ponderings aside, there was a crapton** of incredible frames to geek on in 96 hours - enough to keep these pipe dreams occupied for months to come. Think I finally have the venerable Langster's successor picked out though.

Most definitely in there somewhere.

Vegas Interbike 2010

**equal to approximately two metric buttloads
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