"working on my faults and cracks..."



As a kid, I guess it's kind of like collecting basketball cards. Worshipping these heroes--their prowess, exploits, and statistics on cardboard laminate, and then one day, finally getting courtside seats to the all-star game, with every last one of them in attendance.

For ex-angsty teenagers, I guess the same elation could be traced to music.

Definitely a weird feeling, spending the last ten years following the words and melodies of these three strangely dysfunctional heroes of mine, relating only through headphones and shitty car stereos, and then by sheer luck, seeing each one of them in the span of only a few short weeks.

jesus christ, that's a pretty face

this is the last straw

plugged in and ready to fall

Jesse, I've finally forgiven you and your band for dropping off the Japan '04 world tour date.
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