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the DI tries his hand at an editorial, is not invited back

The following is a heavily opinionated piece on the state of the bicycle community, for Fietspad Magazine, written in response to a series of collective responses to a Tokyo/Osaka fixed-gear tour by a group of American riders. It is also worth noting that the author jovially relinquishes any and all editorial credibility through the usage of juvenile scatological metaphors and saying 'fuck' to drive a point across.  

The bicycling community is one full of poor role models. Sure, there’s always Merckx and Armstrong, but it’s since been discovered that admiring the exploits of an untouchable hero, and duplicating the exploits of that hero, are two very different sides of the same coin. It’s the community’s newest hero, one known not for what he’s done, but what he’s said, which is far more appealing to the everyman-cyclist than the aforementioned untouchables–done with a style and swagger significantly easier imitated than Eddie or Lance. Bike Snob NYC–the informally elected sarcastic and abusive father figure of bicycling as it now stands. He’s like a schizophrenic parent–abusive and demeaning. The scene, playing the abused child; timid, cowering, and never good enough.

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