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burn after editing

Late last night, the fixie project finally made it through the hellish MPEG conversion gauntlet, and into the annuls of YouTube, but this morning I awoke to find it had been inexplicably yanked even before I had a chance to see how it looked. Am I disappointed? Yes. But surprised? Not really.
Still, rather than resume the monthlong cranial abuse at the expense of the varnish on my desk, I'm pressing ahead to make the project available for download via torrent. Will hopefully have that link up shortly.

Additionally, in keeping stride with the project's original goal, a shortened, FatC "cliff note" version which should fit neatly under ten minutes, and attract far less attention from the unscrupulous, banhammer-wielding goons in San Bruno, is also under construction. Conveniently enough, this version will hopefully be sent off to Seattle for the Filmed by Bike festival in April, which just so happens to be a few short months away.

Crank the shitty-ass pop music. This one's going back under the tarpaulin.

psWhile I don't currently have the resources to burn, and internationally 
ship a dvd of the full-length project file to everyone who wants one (those 
understandably without torrent access), shoot me an email and perhaps we 
can work something out. Promising lucky charms or speed stick in exchange 
would almost certainly expedite your request.

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