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 This little guy showed up with a note from Nobu today:

Twenty of them went out to twenty different perspectives on the city of Okayama. We've all got one month, and 27 disposable exposures ("dixposures?") to tell a story for a local art gallery event, come February. For the time being, rather than blow this golden opportunity on boring shots of this equally boring city, I've been thinking about undertaking some kind of angle or theme for my photos. At the top of the list? My own derriere--captured from 27 different angles in and around Okayama Station. Keeping it themed and local, if you catch my drift. Besides, isn't that one of the most original thrills of the disposable film generation? You never knew just what kind of hilarity (or vulgarity, I suppose depending on your own definition) could turn up on that film until the shocked and disgusted part-timer at the developer showed it to the police, who in turn called your parents to inquire about the camera's prior whereabouts.

So, yeah. Too great of an opportunity going on here--not only would I be doing Nobu a disservice, but I think I personally, would be completely remiss for not sneaking in at least one shot of my own sparkling-white backside.
It's finding subjects interesting enough to snap for the other 26 that are gonna be a pain.

In the ass.

3 contributions to this piece:

Young Banta said...

Was this a random selection?
or somthing you applied for?

Dagbert said...

I think I was picked because Nobu wanted some non-Japanese perspective in his contest.
That, and we're buds.

Kimbrolynn said...

We should try again tomorrow. Show those alley cats who's boss.

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