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Fixed and the City: "el fin"

Four months in the making, "Fixed and the City" is a lot of things. It's the digital marriage of Panaracer rubber, asphalt, and sound. A moving picture mixtape. A single-speed mission statement. A dedication. A memoir. The difference between simple ownership, and unabashed love. It's less about the "scene," and more about a day in the life; fixed gears on this little concrete canvas of ours.

Oh, and it's about thirty minutes long.
Crack open a cold one, and turn the volume up.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

* Since this is just a weak sample, to hit the full version and/or download the torrent, follow this linkage to Vuze.com. And if those two clicks somehow end up giving you fits, blast me an email so I can set you up with my best Indonesian call center impersonation.

3 contributions to this piece:

Fonz said...

Watched it, front to end. Whole thing was awesome, but "I Turn My Camera On"," Great Expectations", "Pillar of Salt" really stood out to me.

Was way impressed by how good the night-time footage looked. Was also way impressed with the complete disregard for pedestrians. Looks like you guys have some awesome places to ride.

diNexus said...

Thanks for the kind word on the nighttime shots--I actually thought they were pretty dark. Need a better camera for that. As far as "awesome places to ride" go, you've pretty much seen the entire city. Kinda sad that this is all we've got.

Oh, and "Pillar of Salt" and "Turn My Camera On" are my two favorite songs from this too.

Seth said...

Just watched it and loved it! I'm totally foreign to any scene involving bicycles but the stuff you guys do is ridiculous.

Video was very well done and I wanna see a higher resolution version sometime so... what 'necessities' are you in need of from the states?

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