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buxom hippies take note

The one true path to harassing whaling ships and obnoxious treehouse protests should start here.

Now, we just have to find an environmentally friendly way to tackle your hairy armpits.

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me, can you say Noble Peace Prize?

Or a medal of honor.

Or somthing...

Dagbert said...

How about "business end of a fire hose?"

Kathryn said...

Umm...I just wanted to give you a hit from Argentina on your blog tracker. Enjoy.

Did you get your t-shirt yet???

Valerie said...

Now why do they have a girl who doesn't need a bra modeling a bra?

Isn't that slightly counterintuitive?

Dagbert said...

Why do men who can't fit into magnums buy them anyway?

Probably a similar concept.

Anonymous said...

Business end of a fire hose!?

You don't support these bras?

Valerie said...

"Why do men who can't fit into magnums buy them anyway?"


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