"working on my faults and cracks..."


Shake off the rust


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Monitor de LCD said...

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Dagbert said...

Thank you, dear benevolent martian.
I will promptly visit the blog that you have so kindly recommended.

Please do not vaporize us.

Zach B. said...

Bear Blasting just won't go away, I guess it's always a relevant tag when you write blogs greased with preposterone.

Congradulations on the PS2, she sure is a beauty.

Dagbert said...

I decided to bestow the 'bear blasting' tag on anything worth popping a preposterone chubby over.

Yeah, the PS2 has been my faithful backup region 2 DVD player. I decided to wait until June to replace my PS3.
The reason rhymes with "gunmetal."

Sarah said...

Dude, I didn't know Guitar Hero 3 was out here.

I know what I'm getting for myself for my birthday now.

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