"working on my faults and cracks..."


"Hey! Hey! You! You!" ...still suck

Avril doesn't want you to know it, but she sings in Japanese. And if by 'sing', I mean, "read a poorly translated script in time with a drum machine and some wanky electric guitar," then yes, she sings her little bilingual heart out. Yes, that's right--as if the plain Jane English version of "Girlfriend" weren't bad enough, the shores of Japan are being subjected to a new breed of terrorism. Auditory terrorism. And even as much as they positively adore "Abureeru chan" here, a tepid three star average rating on iTunes is enough to prove that not even all the groupie love in the world is enough to fool anyone into thinking this poorly localized version is anything but a raunchy pile of ass. Auditory terrorism ass.

American pop stars take careful note; not even Western-crazy Japanese audiences are this stupid. So when you're popular with your international fans, and want to reach out to them, either freaking do it right, or just send them complimentary fruit baskets.

"She's like, 'so, whatever,' you could do so much better..."

Yes you could Avril. Yes you could.
Cripes, that was horrible.

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dyki said...


う○こ! lol

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Valerie said...

Her song "Girlfriend" gets on my nerves worse than "Complicated," which was pretty hard to do. "I'm With You" is a good song, though.

What I hate is that she's the poster child for sell-out. She was going to sing country until she realized that Pop made more money...

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