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An Open Letter to Rocky Votolato

Dear Mr. Votolato,

While I do not condone the various methods of tragic medication outlined in many of your lyrics, I still wanted to let you know that I am eagerly awaiting your next album. I would also like to add that I believe that "Mix Tape/Cell Mates" is a brilliant piece of musicianship, and that despite whatever anyone may tell you about gravelly warbling or the harmonica's haunting creak, I think they are respectively badass. Just ask The Boss. Anyway, while I understand you are actually from the Pacific Northwest, on my most recent cycling trek, your music evoked photographs like this one--snapped up in the mountains with my gnome Frampton. Even though I live in Japan, I don't remember wanting to live in any southern states in the US; however, at the very least, your music could make another roadtrip through Alabama, South Carolina, or Kentucky enjoyable. Furthermore, I am also not from the Southwest, but I find that your heartfelt tunes seem to carry undeniable powers to teleport their listener to grassier, and lazier moments of reflection. It is for these reflections, that I wholeheartedly appreciate what you do. Oh, and I also think you and Lucero would be great together.


A fan

P.S. Does it bother you that
people have to Google your name
to figure out who you are?

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