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Your new boyfriend wears girl pants

Guitar Hero II is awesome. I make this statement using as little surprise as possible, as I was already fully aware it would be awesome months before its release. Initially, I was most concerned with the song list--a list decidedly more robust than the first offering, but seemingly lacking in character. It's taken me about a week to warm up to it, during which time I've long since completed hard mode and have been lazily wandering through extreme, stopping every now and then to five-star the songs that don't grate on my ears (Freya I'm talking to you). We're playing en masse again tonight, so stop by to thrash, be thrashed, or just to observe the glorious thrashing.

Besides your little brother, something earth-shattering is coming out this Friday, and if you guess "a kidney stone" or "that new Bond movie," you're sick and entirely wrong. If you guess the Playstation 3, you'd be right, but if you guessed you or "your friend's roommate" would be getting one, you'd be hopelessly wrong again. Nobody except me, and the president of Sony will be getting one this Friday because they're completely sold the hell out until 2009. And to answer everyone who has already, and most likely will ask, I'm not selling it, nor am I trying to buy two. I have a job, and I am not homeless, nor white trash, nor in any financial circumstances dire enough to warrent extreme tight-fisting or cheating other legitimate gamers out of a good system by advantageous price gouging. All you scheming assholes should be ashamed of yourselves.

See you pooters on Friday, or according to my desktop widget...

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Valerie said...

Hmph. For those of us NOT cool enough to own a PS3, the opening of Casiono Royale is quite an occasion to which I can look forward.

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