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The priest and the matador

Honestly, it's a lot more fun to bitch about a bad day, because there are literally billions of ways to incorporate any sort of humor into frustrated and painful anecdotes. But if I ever have a good day like yesterday, I'm shit out of luck for having any interesting way to present it.

9:30 am: Bought the new Senses Fail album.

9:45 am: Got my taint rocked off by the new Senses Fail album.

10:50 am: Stumbled across an article on 1up that said Gamestop and EBgames were taking PS3 reservations.

11:05 am: Skipped class and blasted across town to land #6 of 16 Playstation 3s at Gamestop in the crappy Findlay mall.

12:30 pm: Learned that Gamestop and EBgames have already sold every available reservation.

3:30 pm: Aussie punk rockers Living End will be part of the final Guitar Hero II tracklisting. I am so elated, I set my ham sandwich on fire. November 7th cannot come soon enough. I have since spent more time with my GHII demo (Rush, Kiss, Motley Crue, and Van Halen), and have decided that for every ball the original busted, GHII will bust balls in triplicate. Even if you don't have balls, expect something precious to be busted.

The rest of the day was nondescript and doesn't deserve to be detailed beyond 4 o'clock.
However, since I reserved my Playstation 3, the following has happened:
Scheming eBay sellers lucky enough to score a preorder, began auctioning off their preorder reciepts, some for as much as $1500 bucks already! I'm seeing "Buy it now" prices in the $2000 range too. Disgusting isn't it? I almost feel like an idiot for being stoked about reserving a video game system, and not a freakin' golden goose. Should I still try and camp for a second one? I'd feel like an asshole though. Greedy bastards. Thankfully, the eBay powers that be, have already begun to put the kabosh on these preorder sales, stating that the seller must be able to guarentee that the system will ship within 30 days of the aution's end.

It's almost like some kind of demented asshole lottery. If you're lucky enough, and have the cash, you can buy yourself an expensive golden ticket that some other poor unlucky (albiet hardcore) sap will pay three times the price for. Are serious gamers going to be that desperate next month? At first, people were pissed that Sony was pricing honest gamers out of a new next-gen system. But don't these morons realize they're getting priced out of the system by opportunistic douchebags? Two of the buyers in front of me at Gamestop weren't even buying the system to use it. Said they already had a toaster that did the Mickey Mouse toast. It's a GODDAMN game machine! I don't even think they knew what they were buying. Somebody said "lottery ticket, 3x resale, behind the Golden Corral buffet" and they were sold. Sony has given us the free-range pass to go around screwing each other. I don't think it's ethical. I may camp in line for a PS3 if someone I know legitimately wants the system, and is willing to pay the same price I did for it.

You'd have to pay me for any food I eat while waiting though.

* oh, Wii preorders start Friday. Form an orderly line outside the front door--there should be plenty to go around.

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Valerie said...

You should definitely be an FBI agent next Friday!! And remember to bring handcuffs! *grin*

I think it would be lots of fun if you matched me like that. We could have sooo much fun with it. *evil laughter*

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