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I don't love you like I loved you yesterday

Hinder and Nickelback annoy the shit out of me. Hinder moreso, with a song and video so blatantly sexual, it should just be called "Girl You Make it Hard to be Flaccid." God I hate that band.

Speaking of bands, MCR's "Black Parade" dropped yesterday. Huge release, that lives every bit up to the anticipation. Perhaps too much, seeing as most of the anticipation was coming from MTV--and it has lived up to their standards perfectly, and then some. Just enough death and macabre, but not too much. Edgy, naughty words, but not too many. Just enough to raise an eyebrow, but not enough to shock. Thanks MTV, for killing another legitimate artist. Anybody remember Good Charlotte? That's right, I know, you'd rather not. Nevermind then.
A lot of people are saying it has that "American Idiot"-ish feel to it, and I couldn't agree more. But, if anybody remembers correctly, American Idiot was a pretty decent cd, as is Black Parade. Just don't say I didn't warn you. As far as redeeming qualities go, "Teenagers" "Mama" and "The Sharpest Lives" are very memorable, and soon to be everywhere. Not soon to be everywhere, is the secret track "Blood" which I swear I heard in an old Charlie Chaplain or Buster Keaton film. Again, you've been warned. There are good tracks here, but they're considerably slower, and nowhere near as aggressive as anything from "Three Cheers." Honestly, the most kickass aspect of this record is Ray Toro; who is turning into one of the best guitarists of this post-hardcore pop/punk generation. Almost as though Brian May from Queen was playing alongside. This whole cd is almost too showy for its own good, but still very cool stuff.

I was on my way out of Wal-Mart having just paid for my usual kettle-cooked chips and sugary cereals, when I passed their dippy, white-trash arcade (you know, obligatory the deer hunting and car driving games). My favorite thing about it was the coin-operated forklift riding game, that screamed "hey kiddo! chase those dreams!" Thanks Wal-Mart. Way to encourage our kids to finally go after their blue-collar fantasies--driving a forklift in a warehouse in the sky. "Just like the real thing" it says. Fantastic. Your kid won't even need his GED to be qualified for his first, and only lifetime job. The sky's the limit for these kids. Or at least, six loaded pallets high.

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