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Cyndi Lauper's version sucks

Saori was nice enough to make the trek to visit a couple of weekends ago. This would be our first ever music video, and given the circumstances and equipment available, I think it went quite swimmingly. Give it a second to buffer, forgive the crappy quality, and see what you think.

*UPDATE 11/1*

So yeah, with help from Saori and a gorillapod tripod, I shot this project on my Sony Cybershot hybrid. It records in stereo MPEG4 which imports well into most video software, which, in this case, was iMovie for Mac. We shot it over the course of three or four hours, after which I went back and shot some inserts a few days later. I then did almost 100% of the assembly while at work. This Friday's paycheck is the fruits of my labor. Fantastic. Am I really a translater?
Anyway, I dunno...it's a pretty decent camera, but it suffers from lack of image stabilization--most of which can be atributed to the suspension on my shitty car. Works exceptionally well as a casual point-and-shoot though.
At any rate, I think it turned out fairly well for a first offering.

*UPDATE 3/20*

This video has exceeded 12,000 views on YouTube. I am shocked. I even got an email the other day from some random guy that I met two years ago, who was confirming if that was indeed me in the video. Wow.

*UPDATE 5/22*

In hindsight, had I known the video would have cleared 30,000 Youtube views, I probably wouldn't have been so open about disclosing such an uncomfortable reality in my personality. This reality being, that I was a shitty boyfriend.

*UPDATE 8/5*

Holy shit. These 100,000 people probably have no idea it wasn't just for show.

*UPDATE 11/15/07*

From the day I originally posted it, I never expected any sort of response of this magnitude. Somewhere around 20,000 views, I started wondering when, or if, this would actually happen. Took about a year, and 300,000 more views, but it's nice to see that the actual band finally got around to it. Thanks guys.

*UPDATE 2/24/08*

On the eve of 500,000 views, I got this message from a fellow YouTube member who had a chance to catch QD over the weekend:

Anyway... The show rocked. Not only did I get to meet them, I got to eat dinner with them and party after the show. They're amazing people! I brought up your video and Kevin said he wanted to check it out and Droo freaked and said "WHAT!? You haven't seen it!? It fucking owns!" It made me a little disappointed that they knew about it and still have their sad excuse of a video...
Shit yeah.
Many thanks to Ms. Supremacy.

*UPDATE 1/24/09*

Well, I expected it to happen at some point, but I just didn't know when. Would have been nicer if Warner had let me clear one million views before bringing down the "copyright infringement" hammer. Nice run while it lasted though--the video that got me into videos.
Thanks for watching while you had the chance.

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Saori said...

WOW!! This is just amazing, Zach!! I was looking forward seeing how you editted all scenes we took under the cold weather a couple weeks ago. This is so reflective music video...oh man! It is almost 1 am, and I got so high by watching this awesome music video. I gotta drink before I go to bed! Sugooooi! Sasuga, my Zachlin!

Valerie said...

That was pretty cool! That's the only Cyndi Lauper song I like, glad to hear there's a decent remake to listen to instead...

Real King of Burger. said...

どーやってeditしたか教えてくれ!! lol

mayu78 said...


Holly said...


On a less mushy note, what'd you use to tape/ edit it?

Saori said...

I still love the scene of our playing piano the most. Dyki was asking how we took the scene that we were sitting in the car:) That was good too. I saw the Cyndi Lauper version on you tube the other day, and it sucks so bad.

Angel said...

I honestly hope this lives on forever. This video means so much to me, more than I can express. Watching it makes me cry.

Kimbrolynn said...

YouTube is going down the crapper; you know they will be their own demise. "Ya heard?" In the mean time, your musical influence will live on here--your fan base is huge. People are destined to find the things the seek. No worries.

Anonymous said...

So that's where your video went.

Maybe you could contact quietdrive, They might be able to pull some strings?

good luck in the future :)

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