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Who wants a mustache ride?

We meet again. Did you miss me? Couldn't wait to get your fix of wacky intercultural hilarity? Suprisingly, the funniest things on this trip haven't been intercultural hilarity with the local Japanese, but with the Brazilians with whom we're staying and doing all our traveling with. Something about inebriated Brazil and American students donning togas and celebrating the 4th of July...I know, it had a lot to do with independance. It was a good night for everyone.
Frampton pauses at Miyajima to take in the sights. He later found his dwarfish beard pressed against the lips of a hot *apparently married* Brazilian who refused to give him back to me so she could take more pictures of him herself. Scandalous if you ask me. I still haven't seen that camera.
Bear in mind that I'm witholding a lot of detail in time's best interest, and also because I'm supposed to be eating...

The second picture finds me in Noboeka city in southern Japan--reputed to be the most humid in the entire country. My swampy armpits and ass duly noted this fact on the 8 hour bus ride there and back. Anyway, Noboeka is known as Japan's official "Athlete Town" as indicated on the sign because somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 olympic athletes and medal winners were born here.
My kinda town.

I think everyday signs in foreign languages are sweet. In this particular case, regardless of the language of "stop", if it's a sign and I'm in a car, I'll still coast through it.

If you don't know anything about Japanese toilets, if you read the next few sentences, you'll learn all about them. And if you don't, you'll never know how much fun popping a squat in a foreign country is. Because in Japan, we poop in style. And after we poop in style on a heated and carefully regulated toilet seat, we hit a little button to either gently mist your derriere with warm water, or another button to blast your ass with a superheated cleansing jet. Toilet paper? For sooth! Then, once you're tucked back into your pants, flip the switch to the right for dainty poops, and to the left for the 50 pound deuce. Frampton is clearly prepared to flip left. If these toilets are too much though, you could always opt for the traditional Japanese style "hole in the ground" toilet, but most people I know don't have the lower leg strength to suspend their butt over the ground for long and accurately enough to get the job done, and keep the job from dropping into their back pocket.
Ahh, toilet humor.
My job here is done.

I leave you with today's "Where's Frampton?" photo. It was everything I could do to keep him from staying with those sexy geisha dolls. Enjoy.

Jyaa mata

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