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Land of the Rising Fun

I made it to Japan, and currently have about 18 seconds left to use this computer before we have to leave for some martial arts demonstrations or something. Trip lowlights included some very questionable airline food, a marine with a jawbone the size of a small sailboat, and having my lower spine shoved into an accordian for 15 hours.
Basically everything here kicks as much ass as I remember. The bullet trains are still wicked fast, the mountains are still incredible, and everything still smells like fish. Or old carpet. Frampton and I are having an amazing time--we could do without the giant Carl Lewis spiders though, but more on that later. Also more on our obnoxious Brazilian hooligans and their world cup soccer, 300,000% humidity, running stop signs in foreign languages, the mothra attack, some downhill shortboarding, and canal fun with Frampton, at a later date when I have more time. In addition to these goofy ass keyboards, I'm running into some technical troubles getting pictures uploaded (translation: I forgot my damn camera cable), but when I get the situation resolved, your lives will have more meaning. Until then, sit tight.

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