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Kokan ga mure mure da

Somebody smoked several packs of cigarettes, blew their nose, then ripped a massive bronx cheer on the keyboard I'm currently typing on, but what's a guy to do when our hotel doesn't have any internet access? That's right--hop across the busy Kyoto street for a few minutes in an internet cafe.

Things on the trip continue to go extremely well. I've met the most incredible people at pretty much every stop--many of whom I'll be seeing again in Findlay come this fall's KAKE program. Come hang out--I'm sure we'll be kicking it at my apartment at several points during their stay.

I don't have much to say tonight--mostly because I can't upload any photos, and I'm blanking (while there have been many) on mildly humorous anecdotes. We did attend back-to-back garden parties with some of the Okayama city bigwigs--parties which went fairly well, if you ignore the massive consecutive open bars, and the Brazilian girls who can beer-for-beer put to shame any college asshole fratboy I've ever met. It's sad, yet extremely impressive at the same time. These chicks are booze-letes if I've ever seen any. Follow the link below to put some faces behind these stories--anyone wearing yellow, green, or any combination of the two are probably from Brazil.


Rather than just poop out a bunch of text without any photographic proof or background, I'll just quit while I'm only moderately behind. This week's schedule includes Kyoto shrine sightseeing and shopping, then heading off for the far east Japan coast via the Tokaido bullet train. Updates with pictures soon.

*Oh, we left our home base in Okayama this morning. The total two and a half week body count (rough estimates) is as follows:

-- massive spiders: 25 (one was spared by being thrown into the trash, another was unfortunately killed in a live-capture attempt)
-- massive centipedes: three (one was spared, and thrown out the window)
-- massive mosquitos: a billion
-- massive fake cicadas: 1 (smashed by an extremely pissed Liana in a prank gone awry)
-- massive fake stag beetles: 1 (captured and hidden by an extremely pissed Liana)

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Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday! Hope some of those partying Brazilians serenade you with a little "Happy Birthday to you...". :)

Love you!

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