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Frampton stops for a moment of reflection at the longest bridge in the world--the Seto Ohashi. He's very much aware that while it's technically the longest (suspension) bridge in the world, it is only so because it conveniently connects a number of island chains together, and not a large waterway like the Mackinaw Bridge. In other words, it's more like a series of bridges with a single name. All the politically correct blowholes may shut the hell up.

The following is a public service announcement regarding the latest Muse cd entitled Black Holes and Revelations released at the beginning of this month.

It will melt your face off.

I'm currently in the latter stages of my cosmetic surgery rehabilitation. Consider yourself warned.

Anyway, the KAKE Bridge program has officially come to an end. We said our goodbyes to the Brazilians, and then I bid farewell to the rest of my Findlay traveling companions at Ueno Station in Tokyo. In the process, I also said goodbye to the structured program of three massive meals a day, comfortable beds on straw floors, 6am mountain jogs, and traveling to and from incredible historic places via bullet trains. It's pretty incredible how the strict program and tight schedules we followed for so long, completely disappeared overnight; leaving me eating cold sandwiches and rice balls at convenience stores and traveling 16 hours in two days via local trains--with no real destination in mind. In short though, these unstructured means are everything I hoped they'd be. For the last month, mad props to Dr. K, and Tom Nontani for kicking more ass than I could ever aspire to. We've still got time though.

Mad props also to these three Kibi International students for knowing basically every band I had on my iPod at the time. If you guys ever make it to my neck of the woods, we're going to Detroit for a show.

The only excuse you have to not buy the new Muse, is if you're certifiably, legally retarded.
Back again in a few.

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