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Frampton comes alive

My summer journey starts in a few hours. But before I squish the air out of these crappy space-saving packmate bags, and heave them into my bloated suitcase, I thought I'd introduce you to a friend of mine. Now, before you get to judging him for his slightly uncouth appearance and questionable taste in carry-ons, I'd like you to know that not only does he tote a basket of daisy-shaped hand grenades, he also stows books on arm wrestling, and surface-to-air-missile repair manuals behind the flame-thrower in his hat. So cut him a little slack ok? He's my undercover midget--my new traveling buddy. It's no wonder that we hit it off so quickly. I'm not all about horticulture or toenail clippings like he is or anything, but we both like Taking Back Sunday, both get annoyed easily, both like the beach, both love massive BK whoppers, and both enjoy making fun of wannabe rappers.

Anyway, as beacons of linguistic perfection, my boy Frampton and I are going to Japan this weekend, and will be back sometime in August. As often as I have computer access, my hope is to post thoughts and photographs of our constant travels and zany shenanigans here. So check back frequently, and feel free to leave grammatically correct comments. It's open posting here. Just watch your spelling and those homonymns--Frampton isn't anywhere near as forgiving as I am.
So, happy trails. I'll hopefully be hearing from you.

"Remember when we found your sister's records...I was just living in the moment, and the moment was all about you..."

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Kathryn said...

Hey! Post when you arrive...have missed you since May and will continue to miss you...

Love you!

Kathryn said...

P.S. Frampton rocks!

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