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changing of the guard

I remember with perfect clarity the evening we all gathered at Trees for a DVD premiere I knew nothing about. "Something about bicycles," I was made to understand. "The crew from San Francisco. They ride track bikes," Nobu told me. "And they just made a movie about it."

And an hour and a half later, I had definitely seen something about bicycles, but in the same way that Blind's Video Days could be called "something about skateboarding," or Citizen Kane, "something about journalism." It was a pioneering, as I'd grown so used to seeing bicycles ridden methodically, or from controlled point to controlled point, but what was unfolding in front of my eyes was the mindset a skier charging a massive line in the backcountry. They however, rode steel and aluminum, and their surgical lines were dissecting the urban skin, straddling a tiny line between wanton recklessness and remaining in complete control over a chaotic, and unpredictable flow. It was magic.

Cycling is many things to many people, but after that evening at Trees, I knew exactly what I wanted it to be for me. It was that stirring, that forever changed the way I wanted to ride, and why I would continue to ride today. So as I finally retire the Langster, I suppose this would be something akin to coming full circle. A tribute of sorts, not unlike gratitude.

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