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le tour recovery

The Tour of Utah came to its spectacular conclusion today atop Snowbird Resort in the Little Cottonwood Canyon. Somewhere between the last week of zipping between waypoints, and swinging cowbells, I managed to sneak in a photograph or two thousand. Some of beautiful bicycles, some of suffering on climbs, and some of podium elation. But rather than sift through and post any number of the potential hundreds of favorites, it was a snapshot amidst the post-stage chaos that really stood out...

...when Salt Lake favorite, and BMC rider Jeff Louder shared a quiet moment with his wife and newborn son shortly after nabbing the "Best Local Rider" jersey for his stellar time trial performance that evening. This little guy is going to grow up with one hell of a cycling coach. Maybe even swoop that jersey from dad in a few years.

Hope to have another blurb or a few more photos up on Picasa soonish, but I wouldn't recommend holding your breath. This sunburn isn't going to treat itself.

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