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somewhere over tokyo

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It was just past seven in the morning. Thanks to an earthquake mangling a section of the highway somewhere near Shizuoka, the bus arrived late. I was somewhat rudely awoken by the driver apologizing for the previous night's act of God.

I pulled the Langster off the bus at Odaiba. Sun still on its way up, I found a quiet corner under the ferris wheel, and away from the throngs of salarymen emerging from the nearby subway station, to put it together.

The Rainbow Bridge doesn't allow cyclists to cross, so I took the long way into the city, heading north, past the proposed site of the future Olympic Village. I kept to the road, because the cyclist shoulder was thick with pressed shirts and black ties--a sea of blank faces moving in the direction from which I'd just come. In front of me, the city rose quickly. As I passed the Tsukiji market area to my right, I could already feel my new lockring slipping. It was quickly decided that W-Base Bicycle Garage on the west side of the Yamanote, just inside Harajuku might be a more prudent first stop. From there, it was only a short hop to Yoyogi park where I'd set up the camera and plot out the routes I wanted to shoot.
Suddenly I was swallowed by Ginza.

This project was an experiment of sorts. I wanted to use a POV camera for more than just insert shots, or the more typical usage in long, drawn-out takes without offering any variety for the viewer. To do this, I would either have to ride similar sections multiple times, or employ the use of multiple cameras. Because I didn't have ten grand for the latter, you might see some inconsistencies in continuity.

Before setting out, I made a conscious decision to avoid the northern half of the city (Ueno, Ikebukuro, etc.), and the Shinjuku ward entirely. Look closely though, and you'll see plenty of other well-known locales: Shibuya, Harajuku, Gaienmae, Roppongi, famous Aoyama and Omotesando streets, the Imperial Palace grounds, Ginza, and a quick trip through Akabane to pay a visit to the Tokyo Tower.

As always, thanks for watching.

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kiNASH said...

great vid!
you always make nice short.

wheelie,skid,splint...everything is quite simple,but camera angle and effects make this video coolll!!!

diNexus said...

Thanks boss ;)

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