"working on my faults and cracks..."


daiba to breaking even

step 1: remove lens cap, asshole

For lack of more evocative and less overused vocabulary, the Tokyo ride will, for the time being, have to settle with being merely described as "epic."

However, once the footage viewing and initial selection process has been run through stage one of the Final Cut juicer, I may be able to attach other delicious adjectives to tide you over while you wait for the video. Ones like "head-shaketastic," "sweat-stained wide-angle-rrific," and "retardedly overexposed," are a few of the first that come to mind.

shadow praying for better exposure 

I'm still feeling like an entire day's worth of riding, sweating, and shooting will yield a golden nugget of around three and a half minutes.

Just have to dig it out.

Tokyo Satsue

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