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Because I came in when they'd already long since been on their way out, it's hard to imagine what these arcades used to look like. Prefer to think they were once full of life though; families shopping on weekends, couples casually strolling out of the heat on summer dates, and other equally sappy Japanese summertime leisures.
There are so many shutters now, it's something of a commonplace to see them, lost in a purgatorial search for new tenants.
Different though, when it's one of your own.

Another longtime purveyor of the Okayama street scene closes its doors for the last time at the end of the week. Spent so many Sunday afternoons at Phase with Kyou and the rest of the crew, beating the heat down on the sidewalk in front of his store. During my first few confusing months of Japanese re-orientation, it was actually Nobu who introduced me to Kyou--a dj with more than a few badass recipies for beatz and potato salad.

Sometimes he shelled us the goods from Bullet, Ten Deep, Crooks & Castles, and The Hundreds. Most other times though, we just found ourselves down there on his curb, sipping an ice coffee between Mild 7s--somebody always trying to get over the latest hangover, waiting for that one girl to call.
It was always something, but there was always Phase.

Definitely wish this dude the best.

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kiNASH said...

Kagawa,my hometown,has the longest arcade in Japan.And that is still alive as a center of our city.
But my hometown is not so big :(

Dagbert said...

I'm surprised there's any arcade still alive in Shikoku. Everything I've seen there is like a ghost town.

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