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metal fingers

why so serious?

It took more than a bit of work, but I think I finally figured out how to get a half serious photograph of Kaste. Set him up with fresh hubs and a pair of rims to build into, and he's as serious as a heart attack.

However, a generous estimate would say that this little pretense of his unfortunately only lasts about fifteen seconds:

oh. nevermind

He's got a "it-was-funny-exactly-once" knack for stepping into, and ruining great, perfectly natural photographs with his enviable collection of absurd facial contortions. However, since he did a smashing job with my new All City hubs last night (gladly teaching me a huge deal about building rims in the process), I'll just get to cropping him out of all those other now ridiculous shots without complaining.

Langster is so close to being "finished" finished. Thanks Kaste.

cropped out: one goofy-ass grin

3 contributions to this piece:

kiNASH said...

You got the first pic of serious kaste!haha!
However he does very good jobs,indeed.

kaste said...

My face is a time bomb 15sec limited.
The lens sees me,the switch operates.

Ah...Writing English is difficult!

kiNASH said...

time bomb!!lol

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