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did it for the lark

By now I should have already been back to Adelaide. Back to Beppu, and then on to Tokyo. My summer should have already been filled with the pattering of little feet on foreign soil, but due to "fear of death" at the hands of the ruthless and unstoppable swine flu pandemic, every last one of my international programs met the business end of the almighty hype-beast's ax.

Fine, whatever. I can deal. All for the better anyway, I'm sure.
So thanks to this amusing myriad of cancellations, my last official month in Japan has happily opened up, giving me a chance to spend the 4th of July on a tiny spit of land in the Seto Inland Sea with the whole crew, instead.

Rucksack is more than ready to jet; slipped a fresh SD into the Canon, stenciled "Tom Collins" into the side of an aluminum Sigg, swooped a pair of blue aviators and flippy-floppies, and slashed two big red X's over this weekend's Saturday and Sunday--the first welcome amendment to our regularly scheduled programming in ages.

Musical acts, guest artists, live graffiti exhibition, and more. 
Supposedly, even the Halau hula troupe has a showing.
If you're local, jump for Jamboree event/access info.
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