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Week of June 8

* I just realized I have not done a 'briefs' since October of last year. I have missed the briefs. The briefs have missed me. But as you can see, the briefs have triumphantly returned. Rejoice. 

* With a certain degree of uncertainty, a recently released album by Paolo Nutini was purchased. It is drastically different than what was expected. However, after only the first 6 or so minutes of music, it was decided that should a record better than Sunny Side Up, be somehow found to top my year-end music list in December, I will gladly eat my own face.

* My new San Marco Regal saddle arrived at Soft Cream this afternoon. It is almost too beautiful for even my shapely buttocks. Only a few more key component changes, and the humble Langster's grand transformation will be complete.

* Found myself with nothing better to do this past Sunday for lunch, but stand in line for katsudon. Apparently, for Okayama, this particular place is famous. Unfortunately for us though, the best 'famous' can muster with numerous television appearances over 65 years of pork-frying experience is a few canned peas drowning in gallstone gravy:

* More on recent busyness keeping from blogging: someone was foolish brave enough to convince me to write my own personal "Orange County." However, unlike the film, it will be exclusively of the "word and photographic" variety, contain piles of ridiculous wheelies, and will unfortunately not be starring Schuyler Fisk. Which is rather convenient, because in the event that you completely loathe it, you'll still have an attractive hardcover to prop your feet up on. 

FYI: it will not be called "Okayama County." 

* Three fascinating tidbits about the island of Shikoku: (1) It rains there, unrelentingly, every minute of every day.  (2) All the young people there are either too young to drive across the bridge, or not strong enough to swim the inland sea to reach the mainland. As a result, everyone else has escaped, save for... (3) ...The elderly, who not only outnumber the rest of the civilian population, they also outnumber all registered vehicles, stray cats, tanuki statues, and udon huts on the entire island. No small feat, either. Several metric fucktons of udon down in Shikoku. 

* Riding down at the Symphony Hall underground the other night, I ran into an old student of mine. I taught him many valuable things, but don't remember spray paint being one of them:

* There is a block of text in my blogger draft list that I have deemed to be the final DI communique from Japan. The post has been saved there, patiently awaiting dispatch for 6 months. It's under revision again. Start the countdown. I actually mean it this time.

2 contributions to this piece:

Anonymous said...

i thought to defend my poor poor backward island, but then realized that it is no longer mine and i am better for it. sanuki udon is delicious though...the smaller & dirtier shop the better.

Dagbert said...

You're not helping the island's statistics at all--another twenty-something, fleeing all the geriatrics and their udon.

Yay for dirty-ass yakitori and the like.

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