"working on my faults and cracks..."


'tsun says true

the wrong foot in question

Mattsun's life on a fixie really started off on the wrong foot. Skidding face-first into a closed storefront shutter on camera will probably do that to you.

But since his admittedly hilarious debut late last year, he's tightened up his skids and dumped his brakes. Still carries that rapid-fire "yes coach" style of speech he uses on the baseball field, but has loosened up enough around us to completely quit using the irritating über-polite, über-uncomfortable keigo Japanese.

Still a long way from killing it, but his wheelies are starting to look pretty damn sharp.
God, they grow up so fast...

2 contributions to this piece:

kiNASH said...

I wanna ride too!!!
Recently I don't meet anyone who rides fixed gear...

Mattun's skids have growen more tight?I wanna see it and ride with him.

F**k the f**kin' EXAMSSSSSSSSSSS!!

Dagbert said...

You haven't met anyone riding because you haven't left your apartment in a month!

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