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Eh, my little Cybershot was going on 3 years old, the electronic store was having their 1 year anniversary with 15% more bonus points, I just added song number 5023 to my iTunes library, the Headset project hit 28 gigs of raw footage, and I spent 1 hour and 46 minutes doing the dishes last night.

Figured all the numerically logical signs in my universe were hinting towards a camera upgrade.

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Sarah said...

Oooo! I spot a Canon PowerShot G10!

This is me really, seriously jealous.

Dagbert said...

Took me almost three months to decide too.

Sarah said...

I love Canons. I have an A570iS right now I picked up cheap back home because it was a floor model. It's like halfway between your new G10 and a regular point-and-shoot.
I want a DSLR, but I think I'm going to save up for a Pentax so I can get an adapter ring for all of my old Pentax lenses I got from my grandfather.

Dagbert said...

I wanted something smaller than a DSLR or megazoom, but beefier than a little digicam. And since I didn't have $1200 to drop on a micro 4/3rds system from Panasonic (turbo sexy), I went with the G10.

Pentax are wicked--right up there with Leica in my book for some reason. So classic.

Sarah said...

G10s are awesome. Supposedly they're sturdier than DSLRs.

Pentax are awesome. I have my grandfather's old Pentax Spotmatic from like the early 60s. It still works great, except the light meter is a bit wonky sometimes. I have a bunch of pro-level lenses for it that I'd love to keep using, and through the research I've done it looks like they're usable with an adapter ring! :D

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