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have you watched the cities move?

HEADSET in October from Dagbert on Vimeo.

This one kinda fell together last night on accident. While previewing grainy footage shot a few weeks ago, my iTunes pulled a song out of shuffle that I had somehow purchased, but not yet heard. Even over the preview, the Republic Tigers' spinning and swaying vibes just somehow 'fit' the trackstands, skids, and spins. Granted, it wasn't our most eventful evening down at the park (our pre-dawn tearing around the city went undocumented), but we still had a good time. Always do.

Pay special attention to around 1:30 for a glimpse at the most desperate and stupid hardcore fixie hack I have ever seen in my entire life. If his franken-cycle doesn't outright kill him first, I imagine the sheer humiliation of riding it should.

Headset. Okayama fixie hardcore.

3 contributions to this piece:

Fonz said...

That video made me go "wow..."

The backwards riding tripped me out, and the song worked out great

Dagbert said...

Yeah, it is kinda trippy isn't it? If the "no brakes" thing doesn't do it, the backwards riding gets 'em every time.

Anonymous said...

the tricks are evolving. did the bmx spinner switch to a fix?

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