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atomic gaijin smash

It occurred to me this afternoon while flipping through the usual J-train news channels that the Disappointed Idealist has been in dire need of a little saggy arse: 

riot-gear proof

Yeah, I think that ought to about do it.
You're welcome.

* Full news story here, priceless YouTube coverage here.

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Anonymous said...

"The man, a resident of Spain, was on a sightseeing trip along with seven Spanish tourists, according to the police."

His poor comrades :(

"The Spanish-speaking man reportedly told police he dropped a bag in the moat"


Whats with the youtube video? Looks like they're coming at him with dog catcher rods and a green blanket. No tasers for J-land?

Dagbert said...

All through that video, I prayed for them to tase him--would have taken the video to new heights of epic.

Alas, I think I speak for all of us when I say that all our prayers went unanswered.

No tasers in Japan? There is no god.

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