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Jack Daniels meets Juicy Juice

News In Briefs
WYWS Edition

* In the manner parents might treat a toddler who didn't know better, drunks in Japan are treated much the same. Just like toddlers, they're easily forgiven, and regardless of where their infractions may occur (in the street, on the train, outside my 711, outside my apartment, etc), they're allowed a pretty generous "get-out-of-koban-free" card, instead being simply tolerated, or playfully chided for their unintentional ineptitude.

So I guess the logic for putting sake in a juice-box carton is pretty much airtight.

Wonder who's got the lower standards now?

* Most recently, the first graders have caught wind that the American teacher has a tattoo "on his left arm that he covers with a wristband." When confronted with this startling revelation, and asked provide proof of the delicious rumor, I simply told them that I had forgotten to wear my tattoo today, and that I'd try harder to remember wearing it on Wednesday.
They ran off shouting "he said he's bringing it tomorrow!" before I could even bust out the punchline.
Oh well. Mustn't forget to add "bring tattoo" to Wednesday's all important 'to-do' list.

* Now that school is back in full swing, I guess I'm glad to be back in my regular schedule again, or rather, as glad as one could be without having fundamental human rights in the workplace (eg: the right to have one's tentative "day off" not falling in the middle of the week). Updates on the DI have slowed recently, I know. Drafts saved in backup have grown more ironicly in tune with the site's moniker, if that makes any sense. Too much of either to bother posting, anyway. The other excuse is that my time in front of the keyboard has been recently monopolized by a stubborn wall of text that I expected to have stopped its cancerous growth 6 months ago. But it hasn't. It's become this burgeoning, itchy tumor on my flash drive that goes with me everywhere; to work, to Mr. Donuts, to Starbucks--anywhere that has coffee and a flat place to set the compy. Still don't have enough confidence in it for an announcement, but I'll keep you posted if that ever changes.

Most likely won't.

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