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sorry, no "u" in "distraction"

Been spending what little free time I've had lately bitching about the mess on the floor, staring at unforgettable Beijing highlights, and enjoying Bionic Commando's very faithful (and awesome) PS3 resurrection. I'd blog more if my writing wasn't already so schizophrenic, and the first season of 30 Rock wasn't so distracting. But they are both, very much so. Kelly Clarkson! The few, piecemeal scraps of time leftover have been spent poking keys on something persistently larger and untitled, and then over at international news feed Instablogs, writing editorials from an Asian *ahem* slant. Er, angle.
Ah shit... "Perspective?" That PC enough?
Anyway, link's above, and in the sidebar to the left under "DI Elsewhere."

As previously hinted, I have a very important date with a reanimated exploding head ending to get back to, so if you'll kindly excuse me, my impatient controller is getting cold.

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Kimbrolynn said...

I used to play Bionic Commando every week at the pizza parlor, taking turns with Jeff and begging my mom for more quarters. She still saves quarters, probably subconsciously for that reason still. That and constantly being bugged for reeses pieces money, while at the pool...

I hear that resurrection is two player, that is, unless, you're not very good at sharing that either. :p

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