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because "turgid caterpillar" was already taken

In case you were ever part of a prophylactic marketing group charged with brainstorming ways to raise the infection rate of AIDS in Japan, pushing evocative names like this would probably be a pretty good way to start:

No wonder Japanese men aren't too keen on wrapping it.

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Sarah said...

Mario and I noticed those the other day. Supposedly they're pink.

The drug store near us also has ones that smell like apples and grapes.

Dagbert said...

What I really want to see is the standard reversed. Like, "Crimson ThundAR," or something ridiculously barbaric.
For some reason, apples and grapes seem less whore-y than banana and lemon. Don't know why.

Michelle said...

"What does 'Hot Style' mean?" she asked quite hesitantly.

Michelle said...

Wait...I meant "Hot Type" (which is no less simultaneously evocative and creepy).

Dagbert said...

Um, the excited sticker in the upper left corner says: "it feels hot!"

And the smaller print reads: "like the dance of hundred stylish butterfly on pecker!"

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