"working on my faults and cracks..."


from one DI to another

The inspiration for this very blog--the original Disappointed Idealist has passed away at 71.
May his model cynicism and gravelly displeasure forever rest in peace.

"...When people say, 'What are you so angry about?' Well, that's a terrible oversimplification because I don't live an angry life as people who know me for five minutes or five years will say. They rarely see me in an angry mood. I get irritated like anyone else, in traffic or in a long line that's not moving. But I don't carry anger around. What I feel is a sense of betrayal by my species and by my culture--that they lost their way and misled me, too, to a degree.

I'm a disappointed idealist. I think of myself as a skeptic, a realist.
- George Carlin

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