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forgive them Lord, for they are idiots

In the bizarrely underachieving world of the private Japanese school sector, our illustrious institution is considered an "attached" junior high school. I could think of better things to be "attached" to--like a Dave & Busters, a Taco Bell, a private beach, or a giant water slide. But no, our concrete Siamese sibling is an obnoxious high school packed end to end, and top to bottom with infantile ruffians and lazy imbeciles. Our junior high is supposed to recognize their unfortunate existence (as our school is in their shadow) in our daily workings, but the truth is, like the kids who sit in the front of special ed class--quietly ignoring the retards in the back, nobody here wants anything to do with students of such ilk.

Case in point: the following is an admittedly mild exchange I had when I was cornered by three high school boys this morning as I hurried to music class:

Sensei, 'itai' tte, eigo de nan te iu? [How do you say "itai" in English?]
My penis hurts.

Yeah, excessive wanking in shop class will do that to you.

Or so I'm told.

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m said...

eh, your elite private schoolers are no different from my humble country jhs-ers.

my new harrassment, "sex, teacher. sex"

from a girl student. she's 13.

my students are nymphos.

Dagbert said...

At least your students already have that knowledge base. Mine sneak J/E dictionaries under their desks to look up words like "breast" and "sex."

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