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I don't usually photograph or post any of the Engrish I find, but this was just too damn good to pass up. Signs posted on a row of temporary johns at a Hyogo highway rest stop under construction had all the right informative intentions, but unfortunately raise more questions than answers.

Does this 'machine' make feces? Does it accept feces as monetary compensation for its assistance, or is it simply powered by feces? Does it take feces and mold them into whimsical shapes like monkeys and bears? Does safe operation of this machine require extensive study of enigmatic fecal tutorials?

I fear we may never know.

3 contributions to this piece:

Sarah said...

Damn. This beats out the "Ice Cream Hamburger Sandwitch" Engrish Mario found today...

Anonymous said...

Nice find

Dagbert said...

Fecal humor beats out most anything, actually.

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